Christmas Dinner 2016 – Report on Proceedings!

Some say that purchasing bitcoins a few years ago would have been money well spent. Or indeed placing a bet on Leicester City last season would have provided enough excitement to last you for the rest of 2016. However, there is a select few in Masonry that were even shrewder with their money. This bold bunch purchased, or one could say invested their pennies, in a ticket for the Club’s Annual Christmas Dinner, hosted at London’s renowned East India Club.

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Arriving to delightfully chilled welcome drinks, new friendships were forged whilst discreet glances among the members began. Just who would win the coveted glory of being awarded the Merrick-Thirlway Ghastly Bow Tie award? That honour was later bestowed upon none other than WBro. Robert Selwyn. A batman bow tie featuring a lego superhero was always going to be a winner.

As expected the food and drink was exactly what we paid for, sumptuous and plentiful. All washed down with red wine, port and brandy to give our cheeks their deserved festive red glow. Once the bread rolls had either been eaten or tossed in merriment, the Club bid farewell two former Chairmen who are soon to be exceeding the Club’s 35 and under limit. WBro. Kyle Alexander and WBro. Mitchell Merrick Thirlway were presented with gifts for their distinguished service and heartily toasted.

The Club was also pleased to welcome our new President, VWBro. Ian Currans, to his first Christmas Dinner; along with RWBro Stephen Fenton DepMetGM who was also welcomed in the Club’s friendly manner. Both sang along with gusto, embraced and enhanced the fun of the evening, and managed to stay clear of all bread missiles. A success!

Then in his final legitimate appearance WBro. Andrew Ridal led the carol singing, which many would say is often the highlight of the evening. Afterwards, with his booming Brian Blessed-esque talent he treated the jovial mob to what is now a somewhat tradition, a rendition of Delilah. Repairing to the Club’s members’ bar, Christmas was further celebrated into the early hours and 2016 was reflected upon. As the numbers slowly dissipated, many of the young masons made their way back to the comfort of their beds and a die hard few ventured out into the city’s night lights. All in all, the evening was it’s usual success and it regularly proves itself to be the event of the year.

See you at the next one.

Thank you to WBro. Laurence Hobbs for reporting