The Connaught Club

For Young Freemasons in London

The Connaught Club was founded to give young Freemasons in London a means to meet and socialise, with like-minded people of similar ages, who might otherwise be dispersed over London’s many Lodges and large geographic area. Membership of the Club is open to any Freemason under 35 years of age, whose Lodge/Chapter is under Metropolitan Grand Lodge or who lives/works within London.

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The Connaught Club prides itself on organising a whole multitude of events that range from social gatherings to educational seminars and overseas jollys to Christmas Dinners! 

Take a look at what is coming up over the coming months. 

Wine Tasting – April 2023 

Masonic Seminar (Grand Stewards) – May 2023 

Chairman’s Dinner – Walbrook Club May 2023 

Burgoyne 902 White Table – June 2023 

Annual Club Clay Shoot & Dinner – July 2023 

Family Picnic & Cricket Match – August 2023 

International Lodge Visit – Denmark – September 2023 

Secretary’s Dinner – Buck’s Club – October 2023 

Masonic Seminar (Met Grand Lodge History)  November 2023 

Christmas Dinner – The In & Out Club – December 2023 

Worshipful Mastermind Provisionally – January 2024 

Connaught Club Ski Trip – February 2024