Jeeves and Wooster hit the AGM

By Bro. Bertie Wooster

Now if there is anything in a Wooster its Sporting Blood, I can assure you. So when my good Chum William Connaught invited me to the Connaught Club AGM and placed a wager on the length of the meeting I was in for a pound instantly!

As with any flutter, I passed it by my man Jeeves for the old nod of approval and got the go ahead with his estimate of 21 Minutes, which I, of course, took as my own.

On Arrival I was quite taken aback by the dashing Blue and Grey Club Ties so many of the young birds were sporting. Having only been in the club for a short time I had yet to be presented with mine, but thought what Spirit it shows with so many wearing the Club colours!

With my pound at risk I took great interest in noting the time of kick off . . . 5.32PM.

First item on the agenda was to approve last year’s minutes. The gentleman looking after proceedings was a well turned out chap by the name of Clement. Turns out he’s Welsh but let’s not hold that against him what! He pottered through a couple of the below points:

Amendments to the Constitution which were read out by the outgoing Chairman Lewis Clement and with no issues passed rather quickly. Good to see things ticking along. What were the changes? In short, there will be trustees to look after the wealth of the Club of which is doing rather well

Reports which nobody much listened on.

Accounts, more of the above!

Electing Club Auditors. An honour for those selected I thought. All proposed and passed swiftly.

Re-election of some older chaps who have been Patrons in the past and have done such a stand up job they have been put into the role for another year! One of whom managed to attend . . .

Up next was the election of a new chairman, a speech from the new Bird and a farewell from the old. Lewis I hear has done a stand up job and received a rather elegant looking whisky decanter for his troubles. He has said he would publish his goodbye on the “web-site” (looked rather long), and quickly hurried proceedings along.

The new bird, Laurence, seemed rather pleased for his new position. And I felt it rather splendid to be there for such an occasion.

Taking to the chair in his new position Laurence informed the room of his gratitude in being elected to the position of Club Chairman. He also shared some of the upcoming events he has planned for the year, all to support a rather splendid charity, Veteran’s Aid.

Now when I said we Woosters have sporting blood I was not in the slightest referring to any kind of thick necked, rolling in the mud affair. But, if that is your game the forthcoming club rugby match will be for you. Some coves in a Kent club, I hear, should be quite concerned!

And on a usual trip away for 3 days I would of course need my man Jeeves along with at least a trunk of jacket, shirt and tie options. This, I expect, would not do on the 3 day charity walk with the club but to meet you at the finish for some delicious foods and refreshments is certainly something I shall attend. More details to follow.

Before I knew it the whole thing was wrapped up and gavels struck at exactly 18.53pm, the bet was won! I must, once again, pay a marked tribute to good old Jeeves. A modern saint that man!

On to the pub in Covent Garden we went where, if I remember correctly, my old chum from prep school, Bingo, once fell in love with one of their bar ladies, but that’s for another time …

A solid group of dandies had turned out for the meeting and all were attending the dinner too! So with little encouragement the evening got off to a splendid start with drinks flowing and good eating.

Later in the evening I had further opportunity to win another wager with a game called heads and tails. Never one to turn down a good opportunity I got in on the action but this time fell short at the final fence. Failures will occur when placing wagers without the man Jeeves!

I came to win a pound from my old chum William and did just that. But I must say, the deuce of the thing is that I am very much looking forward to heading out again to mix in with this Connaught Club lot at the their next monthly drinks. I do hope to see you there what!!