Christmas Dinner 2023 writeup

As the frosty London air brimmed with yuletide cheer, the In & Out Club in St James warmly welcomed 72 young Masons from the Connaught Club for a Christmas dinner that was nothing short of magical. This annual gathering, steeped in camaraderie and tradition, was a splendid affair that will be fondly remembered by all who attended.

The In & Out Club, with its grandeur and elegance, set the perfect stage for our festivities. Its rich history and charm added an extra layer of wonder to our celebration, making every moment feel like a step back in time to a more regal era.

Jake Mossom, our Master of Ceremonies, seamlessly steered the evening’s proceedings with a blend of grace and mirth. His knack for engaging the audience made sure that every moment was lively and memorable.

The bow tie contest, judiciously judged by our Club President V. W. Bro. Timothy L’Estrange PGSwdB, was a vibrant showcase of style and creativity. The deserved winner, Harry, stood out with his… unique bow tie, capturing the essence of festive spirit.

R. W. Bro. Matthew D. Hampson PJGW, DepMetGM, delivered a speech that resonated with all of us. His words were a great reminder of the values and bonds that bring us together as Masons, and his continued support for the Club is greatly appreciated.

As the evening unfolded, the spirit of giving shone brightly with our highly successful raffle. A highlight was the much-talked-about leopard print dress worn by W. Bro. Jake T. A. Mossom PMetGStwd during his memorable trip to Denmark. This unique item found a new home with a member who, of course, promised to display it proudly on his wall.

The generosity of our members was further showcased in the auction of a pair of limited edition Connaught Club cufflinks. The spirited bidding culminated in a win by an incredibly generous member, with all proceeds going to the Chairman’s chosen charity, MS Research. This gesture reflected the charitable heart of our club and its members.

The culmination of these efforts was nothing short of remarkable. The dinner succeeded in raising a substantial sum of £1200 for MS Research. This significant contribution, set to be dispersed at the Club’s year end, is a testament to the kindness and community spirit that the Connaught Club embodies. Such moments of giving and fellowship underline the essence of our gatherings, blending enjoyment with a profound sense of purpose and charity.

The evening reached a delightful crescendo with the singing of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’. The tradition of our Chairman, Bro. Adam Bradley, singing the “five golden rings” part solo was the cherry on top. His spirited rendition, filled with gusto and good cheer, had everyone in fits of laughter, particularly after he managed to hit some very high notes!

As the night drew to a close, we left with hearts full of joy and minds filled with memories. This Christmas dinner was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of friendship, laughter, and the enduring spirit of our brotherhood.

As we look forward to the year ahead, we carry with us the warmth and merriment of this splendid evening, ready to embrace the future with the same camaraderie and enthusiasm that lit up the In & Out Club on that magical winter night.

If you’re a young Mason in London looking to be part of such enriching experiences, we welcome you to join us. Together, we make not just memories & friends, but history.

Happy Christmas and a Joyous New Year from all of us at the Connaught Club!